Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Decorating Ideas with FREE Pattern!

 1. Before you felt your slippers take a different color of yarn and stitch around the top edge of slipper, for a colorful border.

2. After felting, stitch around the edge of your slipper with the yarn you used to make a decorative border.

3. Before you begin knitting the jute for your sole, roll it into a ball a few times, this will make it more flexible to work with.
 4. To make your summer slipper more of a ballet style, sew the upper at the first row instead of second.

5. If you want more of your toes covered add one to where you would place your upper, so if it's at stitch 6 place it at stitch 7 instead.

6. Add a button to decorate your slippers. Below is the pattern for the flower you can slip right over a 1/2" button!
Crochet flower pattern:

CH 6 link chain together to make circle
DC 20 around the circle using the center
DC 1 CH 4 in between every stitch
sew in all loose yarn
slip over button
all done!

Have fun decorating your slippers!

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