Thursday, August 16, 2018

New! Knit Pillow Pet Bed w/blanket Pattern!!

Now available at my Etsy * Ravelry * Craftsy * Love Knitting Stores!

Knit Pocket Pillow Pet bed with attached blanket Pattern!
Fits any standard size pillow ~ this pattern includes instructions to create this pillow pet bed either "knitted in the round" or knitted flat"
 so whichever way you prefer to knit you can select whats best for you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New * Sewing Pattern!! Pillow Pet Bed with Blanket

Fleece Pillow Pocket Pet Bed with attached Blanket Sewing Pattern!!
Now available only at my Etsy and Craftsy stores!
This pet bed is perfect for your cat * dog * ferret * chinchilla who likes to hide and curl up to sleep. The pillow is inserted in a pocket design, that is held in place.
 The pillow can also be easily removed to throw in the wash.
Pattern includes instructions to create two sizes 28" wide by 20" deep and 40" wide and 28" deep