Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Create a Canvas Sole for Your Felted Slippers

The supplies you will need are: heavy canvas fabric, Pellon heavy duty wonder under web paper (or something similar)
These items are optional:
thread, ribbon, straight pins, sewing needle and sewing machine
Trace out the sole of your slippers on paper and cut it out. Cut out a square of the canvas and a square of the pellon the size that your cut out will fit on. Follow the instructions on the Pellon and iron them together.
Once the fabric has cooled, trace your paper sole onto the paper side of the fabric.
(Optional) Sew a decorative edge around the canvas to create a fun sole design.
Cut out the soles and remove the paper backing.
 Place the canvas sole on your felted slippers where you would like them and carefully iron them in place using a hot iron, making sure that you have all the edges fused down. It's that simple.
Optional: For a more finished look, you may want to add a ribbon around the edge of the canvas soles to hide the rough edge and or glue that may have gotten on the your slippers.
Finished felted slippers with iron on canvas soles with hand sewn silk ribbon trim